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Right Place Wrong Time
The extraordinary foresight of jewellery designer Jakob Bengel

Jazzing it Up
The bold lines of 1930s design can really bring glamour to a 21st-century eclectic home

Born Sculptor
Max Le Verrier’s eye for sculpting elegant Art Deco figurines and lamps depicting dancers and animals, was second to none

Studio De Benedetti
Carla De Benedetti was the first woman to break the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ in the photography world of architecture and interiors in the 1960s

Milanese Women
Series one: Carla Venosta, architect and designer. By Alessandro Morelli

Bohemian Bayou
Timber cladding, painted floors and corrugated steel, softened by patterns, texture and patina – this is the laid-back New Orleans look!


Auction Explorer
A look at the forthcoming sale of rare movie posters at Ewbank’s

Trading Places
Kieran Mathewson of River and Jones questions three fellow dealers to discover their take on the trade

Events August/September






Summer is in full force, and although being stuck in a van on the road for hours on end, in this weather, may not sound like a lot of fun for most people, for an antiques dealer, there is nothing more luring than the open road and the chance of discovering something incredible on the way. Dropping the windows, flicking the radio on, and hitting the road in search of new ‘treasures’ is perhaps the most exciting and enjoyable part. Having an ice-cold beer when you reach your destination is also always a welcome reward. So, enjoy it while you can... it might snow next week.

IN THIS ISSUE... We talk to Mark Lock of Marchand Antiques about his experience as a dealer, and we learn to hold our nerve when sitting on a piece of stock that just won’t sell. Don’t be afraid to wait for the right customer, it will always work out well in the end!

We escape to the countryside with McCully & Crane, who share their love for art and upcoming artists, but admit the business will never come before their passion for the rescue dogs they’ve adopted, who are now a big part of their lives.

Finally, Ridding & Wynn reveal there will be a Third Series of Killing Eve, after sourcing more stock for the BBC, and they tell us about their plans to expand after outgrowing their new shop in just 14 weeks! READ MORE>>>

VE Auction News - Day of the Triffids Poster up for sale at Ewbank's


Movie fans will be intrigued by a raft of rare posters going on sale at Ewbank’s this August, including posters advertising many of the original Star Wars films, and early James Bond movies.

The auction, which takes place on Friday 23rd August at Ewbank’s auction rooms near Guildford, is also online, where you can bid for your favourite poster live, wherever you are in the country.

Alastair McCrea, entertainment specialist at Ewbank’s said: “Star Wars memorabilia always creates a buzz when it comes to auction. Anything connected to the original three films in particular is highly sought after from fans all over the world.”

One of the highest value lots already catalogued for sale is a British Quad poster advertising Star Wars, the iconic 1977 first film in the franchise, featuring art work by Tim and Greg Hildebrandt, which was used when the film was initially released in the UK. However, following the film’s launch, the studio decided the characters on the poster should more closely resemble the actors in the movie, so the Hildebrandt designed poster was discontinued. The studio reissued the poster, featuring artwork by artist Tom Chantrell, and it’s his design that is now most associated with the film. The Hildebrandt Star Wars poster on sale at Ewbank’s is rolled, and measures 30 by 40 inches. It carries a pre-sale estimate of between £1,000 and £1,500.