Cabarets and Clubs
A new exhibition at the Barbican Centre casts a spotlight on a hotbed of creative and radical thinking from the 1880s to the 1960s

Welcome to the Hotel Alexandra
Discover what is probably the largest collection of classic Danish design to be found in a hotel anywhere in the world

Cold War Graphics
We preview an exhibition of the world’s largest collection of original Cuban propaganda posters

A magnificent concrete monolith in the Forest of Dean with far-reaching views over the Wye Valley, filled with art and furniture that has been accumulated over many years

Karyn Sparks meets heritage brand Dickies ‘Maker’ for November – painter and restorer Matt Earle

Deco at the Beeb
In the 1930s when broadcasting was in its infancy, Art Deco styling matched the optimistic and forward- looking mood perfectly. By Paul Stewart

Practical Equipment Ltd, known later simply as PEL, were the leading manufacturers of modernist tubular steel furniture in Britain


Auction Explorer
A look at the forthcoming lineup of sales from Ewbank’s

Trading Places
Kieran Mathewson of River & Jones questions four fellow dealers to discover their take on the trade

Events October/November




Dealing in antiques is a little like decorating your home; it’s based on personal taste, interests and life experiences. And one of the most exciting things is the sheer amount of choice out there. The first thing that springs to mind when I’m talking about antiques is, how old is it? But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; you can appreciate an item for many reasons, and this time ‘Trading Places’ looks at dealers who all have a completely different approach to buying stock.

Bie Baert focuses on clean, neutral tones, which is in complete contrast to Roche Coward Antiques’ abundance of colour and personality. Where Bie Baert sources pieces from all over Europe, Billy Hunt’s approach is to stay close to home, focusing on British made industrial design. Then there is James Flenley of Imagined Interiors who doesn’t follow any sort of rule book at all, buying anything that ‘feels right’, regardless of its age or where it’s from.

IN THIS ISSUE… We talk to Bie Baert, whose love for nature, music, theatre and books inspires her. Using a Dutch saying she describes her love for antiques, and her passion for what she does, as “Playing outside, as kids do”.

We stay put with Wayne Lawless and Martina Reitbauer from Billy Hunt, whose bucket list certainly doesn’t include 4am starts on buying trips to France, not when there’s so much on offer nearer to home!

James Flenley from Imagined Interiors talks about his decision to move away from the usual 9am to 5pm job, and how after a year in the showroom, he’s not ready to relax just yet.

Finally, we find out about the artistic background of Alex Coward and Rebecca Roche, and how their dislike for beige and magnolia led them to create the vibrant and beautifully energetic Roche Coward Antiques website. READ MORE>>>



Ewbank’s, Surrey’s leading auction house, is expecting some unusual Art Deco figurines to garner great interest from collectors at its upcoming Decorative Arts and Design sale on 24th October.

The figures, dating from the 1920s and 1930s, represented the fashions and interests of the period, and there was a huge appetite for them from the buying public of the time. They also represented a zest for life, in stark contrast to Victorian figures, which tended to be classical or sometimes sentimental, and rather dreary. These figures were from the ‘New Age’ and were celebratory; dancing girls were among the most popular, often dressed in exotic costumes, semi-naked or wearing high fashion garments. The best and highest value figures were made in bronze, or carved in ivory, but others were available in materials such as spelter, copper and brass for those with a more modest budget.

Romanian-born sculptor Demetre Chiparus (1886-1947) was one of the major makers of the day. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris and spent most of his life in France, producing figures until his death. His figures are sought after by collectors all over the world, and the team at Ewbank’s recently sold a Chiparus ‘Antinea’ figure for an estimate-beating £41,000!

Going under the hammer on 24th October is a charming Chiparus figure entitled ‘Simplicite’, in bronze and ivory, with a conservative estimate of between £1,000 and £1,500.

Also on sale is a charming Arts & Crafts oak settle, bearing the motto ‘East West, Home is Best,’ dating from around 1900, which carries an estimate of between £500 and £800. From the same vendor is a stunning group of Arts & Crafts lights that are being sold separately.

The sale will include different categories including Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Mid-century to modern design. Other sales this October, November and December include toys, memorabilia and posters, Asian art, textiles, jewellery, silver, coins, fine art, fine wines and spirits.