Republican Era Porcelain

Chorley’s forthcoming sale, Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st March, offers an important private collection of Republican-era porcelain.  The highlight will be a set of four rectangular porcelain plaques by Bi Botao (1885-1961) representing the four seasons.  Bi Botao was a member of the well-known group ‘The Eight Friends of Zhushan’.

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Woo Gilchrist
A Sparkling Finish...

Ewbank's also saw a record- breaking year for jewellery sales, finishing with the surprising contents found within a rather unpromising-looking metal box. The box revealed a collectionof jewellery from the Georgian and Regency periods. It had not been opened since the late 60s, and the contents had not been worn by the vendor’s mother. However his grandmother and earlier ancestors had worn the beautiful pieces.

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What a Year for Ewbanks

Ewbank’s Surrey’s leading auction house, held many unusual and one-off sales throughout 2017, from epic single-owner collections of a particular type of collectable, to an entire house filled with intriguing curios and antiques.

One of the first of the special sales of the year, followed an instruction from the family of well-known local potter and artist, Mary Wondrausch, who passed away in 2016, to sell most of the contents of her studio and home, in Compton, near Guildford.

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