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This herd of 112 silver cow creamers, which has been collected by one careful owner, are up for sale with an asking price of £85,000. The novelty jugs made for serving cream with tea, first appeared on our shores in the 1750s.

The collection took the owner many years to assemble, buying from auctions, fairs and dealers across the globe, with many being sourced in the USA – collectively they weigh a staggering 25kg!

Independent Antiques Valuer & Consultant Mark Littler is offering them for sale as a whole with a fixed price, rather than sale by auction. Mark has valued and sold some strange items in his time, but the current herd of solid silver cows will be hard to beat! Mark says: “Selling the collection as a whole offers a unique opportunity to a collector or institution.

The scope is really all-encompassing, featuring every known style and even features some real rarities including bull creamers and even a creamer in the form of a goat! It has taken decades to acquire and it would be a real shame to see the collection broken down.”

For more detailed information, you can contact Mark via his website.

Woo Gilchrist