Art and Design Post 1850 at Duke's

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Duke’s of Dorchester will be handling a private collection of over thirty works by artist Edward D’Arcy Lister A.R.C.A. painted during his life in Dorset. Lister was born in 1911 in Horsforth, Leeds and studied at Leeds College of Art between 1928-33 and at the Royal College of Art under Gilbert Spencer between 1933-37. He exhibited at the Royal Academy and also in the Provinces.

He lectured at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and during that time lived in Poole, Dorset. Lister travelled to India in the mid-20th century and this certainly influences many of the paintings but, the majority of his work clearly displays the love he had for the Dorset and Devon coastline.

The collection of works to be offered for sale at Duke’s on July 19th 2018 in the Art and Design Post 1850 auction comprise of a variety of works including oil on canvas, watercolours, lithographs and gouache studies. The collection also includes a series of portraits drawn during the time Lister spent in the armed forces, along with abstract lithographs which show the variety of works. Mainly local scenes, these paintings clearly show an affinity Lister had with nature and his eye for beauty. The highlighted painting to be offered at auction is a scene of draped nets and boats in Poole Quay, the sizeable oil on canvas study is to be offered with a pre-sale estimate of £500-£1,000 plus buyer’s premium.

Specialist Max Beaumont of Duke’s Auctioneer’s in Dorchester of Dorset, told us “Having spent the majority of my life near Poole and in Dorset itself, I feel the works of Edward D’Arcy Lister capture a true feeling of this wonderful part of the country.”

“Having spent time in India myself, the paintings influenced by his travels to India are rather special and brings back many fond memories”

“The Art and Design auction at Duke’s of Dorchester to be held on July 19th has a real variety of items already consigned, including a Picasso Pottery collection, a collection of works by Agatha Walker, a collection of Morrisware Ceramics, Poole Pottery and Moorcroft, amongst other interesting consignments. We are inviting further entries for this auction, so please do not hesitate to contact myself or a member of the Duke’s team for further details.”

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