Issue 42 - What's In?

WOW, IT’S NEARLY winter, and with Halloween just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to outdoor events and parties...

We kick off this issue with a rather appropriate auction that could be a real game changer for all future Halloween parties... by scaring your guests to death with a lifesize statue of Pinhead from Hellraiser! Then our final article takes us outside to a full-on Gothic folly – I am so jealous. I thought I was being clever last New Year’s Eve when I bought a pile of cheap Christmas trees, grabbed some railway sleepers, a fire pit/come bbq, some furs and hung a lampshade from the tree, and threw an outdoor party... but what I’d give to have a permanent theatrical ruin in my garden all-year-round!

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Karyn Sparks tracked down three highly skilled exponents of anthropomorphic works of art and sent them each the same 12 searching questions:

1. In a sentence, describe to our readers what it is that you create...
2. How did you first become interested in creating your anthropomorphic creatures?
3. What inspires a new creation?
4. Can we see inside your workspace?
5. What is it about using vintage and preloved materials that appeals to you most?
6. Which one, out of all your creations, has been your favourite and why?

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Woo Gilchrist
Issue 41 - Out Now!

What a Summer! I’m loving it... swimming, open air festivals, outdoor flea markets, barbecues... Long may it last. However, every now and then I do shut myself in the office (honest), fling open the windows, switch on the fans, and get down to the enjoyable business of compiling the next issue of VE. But don’t get me wrong, I’m far from alone in this task, in fact I realised recently that some of my partners in The VE Collective haven’t had a mention from me for some time now. Take a fresh look at just what an elite force we are. My thanks to each and every one of them, and please allow me a pat on the back for being the one responsible for assembling such a great team!

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Woo Gilchrist
Behind the Curtain

A fascinating glimpse into design behind the Iron Curtain, revealed through the products and graphics of everyday Soviet life.

When we think of Russian design, we mostly think post-impressionist onion domes, futurist film and photography, and bold graphic art. We certainly don’t think of Soviet products – a subject that has been so little studied... until now! Launched in April, Designed in the USSR: 1950-1989 is a fascinating read, and is beautifully presented in a colourful coffee table book.

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Woo Gilchrist
The Crespi Touch

Gabriella Crespi attracted a cult following thanks to her penchant for creating geometric, sculptural objects with an abundance of glamour.

Bronze discs that open up like clamshells and fold back to become side tables; sleek cubes that transform into full-size dining tables; clean-lined boxes that contain multilevel shelving. Looking at the work of Italian designer-architect Gabriella Crespi, it’s hard to believe that her highly functional pieces were created decades ago.

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