Nordic Up North

Starting in July, Manchester Art Gallery opens a year-long display of important and influential 20th and 21st century craft and design from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Showcasing furniture, fashion, lighting, ceramics, glass, metalwork and jewellery, Nordic Craft and Design highlights the superb quality and creativity inherent in design from the region and features pieces from the 1930s to the present day.

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Issue 40 - Out Now!

FORTY ISSUES IN... and here we are, with still so much left to explore! Just by chance we’ve covered two American Gerry’s (well a Jerry and a Gerry) in this issue – one, the founder of Moss lighting, Gerald ‘Gerry’ Moss, the other, head designer for Lightolier, Gerald ‘Jerry’ Thurston. Their designs although realised in the very same decade, couldn’t be more diverse, and both have a completely different appeal.

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Woo Gilchrist
V for Velocette

Despite what the French flourish of the name may imply, Velocette was a British manufacturer of motorcycles. Founded by an Englishman and a German called Johannes Gütgemann – who changed his name to John Taylor, and later John Goodman, after renouncing his German heritage! Together with his business partner William Gue, they set up Taylor, Gue Ltd in Birmingham in 1905, manufacturing rickshaws and providing cycle parts and services. One year later, they produced their first motorcycle, the 2hp Veloce; they liked the name so much they re-named the company after it.

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McCobb & Modularity

For 20 years Paul McCobb designed an extensive range of multi-functional furniture, accessories and textiles. By Jonathan Goldstein.

Coming from humble beginnings with minimal education and no training in design, Paul McCobb became one of the most recognised and influential designers on the American design scene of the 1950s and 60s

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