In Issue 37

So, have we all been dead busy here putting together a spectacular issue for your delight and delectation? Have we searched high and low for the top stories to keep the VE reader’s finger on the design pulse? We certainly have!

We give you the low-down on Ray Harryhausen – master of model stop-motion animation – and check out his incredible creations of movie monsters and artefacts going under the hammer in Surrey this month. But that’s just the beginning, because this issue is bursting with so many goodies.


I’ve been chatting to vintage jewellery expert Gemma Redmond to nd out what she knows, and loves, about Czech costume jewellery.

We step through a small door in Hastings and enter a Tudor fairytale. Interestingly, you can also stay there! I can just imagine myself closing the shutters at night, tucked-up in an oak box-bed, after bathing in a metal tub...


We then go snooping around the family home of dealers River and Jones, where everything you see (apart from the piano) is for sale. They also feature on this month’s front cover, which made me feel quite Christmassy. Unfortunately it was the same for their children, who thought Christmas had come early!

We get playful with Winnie the Pooh as the V&A celebrate this 90-year-old British bear. I’ve still got my childhood copy of The Pooh Cook Book – the most fingered and dirtiest page being cheese straws (of course), which I still have a ‘thing’ for!

We boggle at Captain Fawcett’s new book – an essential read for any modern day gent, and treat you to more vintage gifts than you could ever dream of with our fabulous Gift Guides – one created especially for the men in your life!

Finally, as usual, we bring you a feast of great events to go to throughout December and January – so keep safe, keep warm and see you in the New Year. Happy Holidays!