A Tudor Fairytale

Step through the small door at 135 All Saints Street, and you'll journey back in time to a forgotten and truly magical world.

Once, long ago in the depths of winter, when the sun had left the sky and the sea had ghosted into grey, threads of smoke began to rise from the dwellings huddled in Hastings’ old fishing quarter. Fires were being lit, bread was being baked and little lights began twinkling behind the tightly shuttered windows at 135 All Saints Street – a Christmas tale had begun.

The dark days of December provide an opportunity to experience first hand a fairytale Tudor home at Christmas, all candlelit and with log fires crackling. Filled with the smells of spiced wine and wood-smoke, with traditional Christmas decorations of blue fir and home-baked ginger- bread, this is an enchanting experience. It’s like entering a Brothers Grimm tale, both unimagined and unprecedented, and sets a poetry for the Christmas festivities to come. All are welcome over three festive weekends in December, so you can be filled with Christmas wonder and good cheer!

This 16th century merchant’s home is one of the most complete Tudor houses in Hastings Old Town, which underwent an extensive restoration programme from 2006 to 2011 to create the atmospheric dwelling you see today.

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Woo Gilchrist