Space Oddities

Jewellery design experienced a revolution in the 1920s and 30s, reflecting the age of machine technology and the new Bauhaus inspired Modernist movement. Postwar, a plethora of styles of costume jewellery brightened the austere 1940s but, in the 1950s, the world immersed itself in all things Atomic.

The first atomic bomb, named Trinity, had been detonated in the New Mexico desert in 1945, prior to its use on Japan. And though

Soviet atomic tests from 1949 ushered in the anxious 40-year Cold War, designers seemed more inspired by the zippy graphics of whiz- zing sub-atomic particles than daunted by the bigger picture. A surreal and bizarre period of optimism quickly infused an entire culture with promises of the wonders of a nuclear future! This collective obsession with the alluring atom found its way into virtually every aspect of popular culture; architecture, industrial design, advertising, fine arts, film, furniture and of course fashion.

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Woo Gilchrist