Issue 36 - Out Now!

Are you a Brutalist?  See page 32.

Are you a Brutalist?  See page 32.

I can hardly believe it was this time last year, that we were celebrating our fifth Anniversary and merging both magazines to become VE.

The past year has taken us through many a front door, and we’ve really enjoyed nosing around, and sharing so many people’s unique home styling ideas with you. However, this issue features a house that is quite extraordinary. It was created from one man’s vision, who literally like magic, transformed his three-bedroom semi-detached, ex-council house into a wonderland of magic and mystery. Admittedly, it’s not to everyone’s taste, but you’ve got to admire his sheer determination and foresight – especially since he started the project unable to wire a plug!

Those that live unconventional lives, such as the vagabond, enjoy nothing more than creating an eclectic fusion of styles, where antiques collide with weathered furniture, and heirlooms jostle with heavy patterned fabrics. Find out how to create the perfect pastel Bohemian look with Mandy Hawkins and Su Barclay on page 8. This is followed on a much lighter note, when we look at the growing popularity of plastic jewellery with the help of young dealer and collector, Gemma Redmond.

We also explore the exotic in our homes with an introduction to how I first became interested in Tribal Art; then look at architecture, furniture and homewares that some consider to be Brutalist – but are they?

The fellas here have all spoken up this month for our Mantiques section: Alan Ashby (Art Editor) tells us why we should put our most treasured objects into glass domes; Jez Speed (Mantiques Advisor) explains how he went about building a Meccano robot; and our good friend Bill Hoade, collector of fine wines, gives us a few tips (or should that be tipples?) on how best to invest in wine.

Finally we lavish you with as many events as we could muster over October and November – from vintage to antiques fairs, auctions to fleamarkets, it’s busy, busy, busy.

As for our next issue? Amongst a shed-load of other things we’ll be bringing you our Annual Guide to Antiques & Vintage Centres and the oh-so- popular Mantiques Gift Guide – so get your purses and wallets out, you’re gonna need them!