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 Ebonised chairs from Guillerme and Chambron

Ebonised chairs from Guillerme and Chambron

I’ve heard it whispered in the wind, actually, by numerous furniture dealers over the past few months, that the passion for antiques, in particular ‘brown’ furniture is back! I personally don’t believe that it ever really went out of fashion, I mean surely it was only a matter of time before those Ikea-buying-stalwarts realised the massive advantages of buying well-built furniture with heritage? Personally speaking I’ve always loved antiques, a sentiment that harks back to my childhood and my Nan’s corner cabinet full of unique treasures. Actually, when I look back, there was nothing that special in there: a scrimshaw whale’s tooth; a Sylvac squirrel on a tree branch, and a miniature wooden dinner gong and hammer, were just a few of the items I recall, they were just objects that mean’t something extra special to her!

We’ve kicked off this issue with two articles that really push the point home of ignoring fads and trends, being individual with your tastes and surrounding yourself with things you love! One written from the perspective of my own humble home and studio; the other, the go-to place for top stylists and interiors designers to source one-off pieces: The Decorative Fair at Battersea.

Moving on in this issue, we discover the real Christian Dior, the superstitious man who sought guidance from fortune tellers throughout his life. We go on to ask jewellery expert Gemma Redmond about symbolism in jewellery, mainly to help readers on a gift buying mission, but also because quite selfishly, I’ve always been attracted to snake-like pieces of jewellery (you’re likely to spot a few within this issue!). Whilst on the subject of gifts, I’ve spent the past month scouring antiques shops, centres and online shops to bring you not one, but two gift guides; one specifically aimed at the men in your life – the ‘Mantiques’ Gift Guide. Some of the ideas are quite tongue-in-cheek, but the purpose is really to demonstrate the diversity out there if you look hard enough.

The Twelve Days of Christmas is bought to us in the form of glass goblets by Caithness; followed by a fascinating, single owner collection of 20th century paintings and sculpture coming up for auction in January.

Next we share the fascinating story of two men – Guillerme and Chambron – who, brought together by war, went on to start Votre Maison, their own prolific furniture design company.

As usual, Kieran Mathewson digs into the lives of four fellow dealers, all of which he says’ “do ‘homely’ exceedingly well.” Paul Stewart steps into the shoes of his Film Noir alter ego Bert Vandamm even if it was just for one night and finally, Chris Marks shows us his eye-catching collection of exactly one hundred West German vases.

So, get yourself a glass of mulled wine, sit back and enjoy the read. Get your copy of Issue 43 here.

Happy New Year to you all!

Woo Gilchrist