Issue 39 - Out Now!

We're all excited about being joined by guestwriter and dealer Kieran Mathewson, who couldn’t wait to get stuck into his new regular feature – Trading Places. Each of the four male dealers have their own unique style... a mix we thought would make for a jolly good read. I hope you agree as this is now a regular addition to VE. Of course, it won’t always be about men in business either, that’s just the way the cookie crumbled this time around.


We’ve ended up with quite an American influenced selection in this issue. Not only do we feature American dealer Ray Azoulay in Trading Places, but we’ve also discovered some amazing designs by Paul McCobb, the like of which we never see here in the UK – quite a refreshing change from the Scandinavian designs we regularly encounter across Europe.

Of course, you can usually find Scandinavian design in most of our issues, and this one is no exception as we highlight Swedish jewellery designed by a lady genius referred to simply as Torun; we also take an appreciative look at the designers from Sweden’s Gustavsberg factory – Friberg, Lindberg and Larson.

Now from Sweden to Wales – we certainly get around. It’s generally agreed that Kyffin Williams is the most important Welsh painter from the recent past, and we are delighted to showcase his exceptional talent in this issue.

With a name like Velocette some of you might think we are heading for France next, but no, this early motorcycle manufacturer is British through and through. Their fascinating history, including the many early TT successes is told by regular contributor Paul Stewart on page 38.

The story of Velocette is closely followed by our massive stretch of Specialist Events for you to attend from May right through to July this year. This 12-page special section broke its own VE record as, for the first time ever, we had to add an extra eight pages to fit it all in!

Finally, I thought, for a bit of fun, it would be interesting to see what was going on in the world this time 50 years ago. In 1968 The Beatles were still playing together and released their ‘White Album’ and the movie, Yellow Submarine. And back then no one had yet set foot on the moon. However the Apollo programme’s second manned spacecraft did orbit the moon and returned safely, making way for the actual moon landing just seven months later. Heady days!