Issue 40 - Out Now!

Alex McArthur Interiors in VE Magazine

FORTY ISSUES IN... and here we are, with still so much left to explore!

Just by chance we’ve covered two American Gerry’s (well a Jerry and a Gerry) in this issue – one, the founder of Moss lighting, Gerald ‘Gerry’ Moss, the other, head designer for Lightolier, Gerald ‘Jerry’ Thurston. Their designs although realised in the very same decade, couldn’t be more diverse, and both have a completely different appeal.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I first came across a pair of Moss lamps. I’ve seen quite a lot of American lighting over the years, from companies such as Majestic and Rembrandt, but nothing quite like these. The more I started searching the internet for them, the crazier they got. But I must admit, most of the pieces are far too kitsch for my taste, I much prefer the more simplistic, 50s futuristic designs, the ones without the figures, however, I’m sure you’ll agree – once seen, never forgotten – that’s a Moss lamp!

But before all of that we introduce you to another interesting male designer – Art Smith. His story
is certainly one of triumph over adversity. It was truly a great achievement for a black, gay man in Mid-century America to pursue his ambition as a jewellery designer. His pieces are nothing less than modern art!

However, I’m pleased to say, it’s definitely not an all male issue. Two very stylish and savvy women are sharing our regular new feature about the trade. Trading Places is brought to you by Kieran Mathewson who includes a handful of chaps as well, and all have been chosen for their outstanding ‘dealer’s eye’. So listen out – Kieran could be knocking on your door any time soon!

There are a couple of articles in this issue that should make you feel very summery: the so-on- trend rattan, bamboo and wicker furniture creations that look great indoors or outdoors. Find out how the wicker prawn shown here inspired my Dream Weaving article on page 14! Secondly, after you’ve

rolled your woven Tiki bar into the garden, you’ll need a period ice bucket to add to the look. Which will you choose from our Bucket List on page 18?

Finally, if you wondered what on earth is pictured on this month’s cover – turn to page 26 to find out why the bizarre Dragon House was built, and for whom!

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Woo Gilchrist