Issue 41 - Out Now!

WHAT A SUMMER! I’m loving it... swimming, open air festivals, outdoor flea markets, barbecues... Long may it last. However, every now and then I do shut myself in the office (honest), fling open the windows, switch on the fans, and get down to the enjoyable business of compiling the next issue of VE. But don’t get me wrong, I’m far from alone in this task, in fact I realised recently that some of my partners in The VE Collective haven’t had a mention from me for some time now. Take a fresh look at just what an elite force we are. My thanks to each and every one of them, and please allow me a pat on the back for being the one responsible for assembling such a great team!

Now, that said, what’s on offer this time? First up is Enid Marx and her distinctive designs – most notably for London Transport in the late 1930s. We then fast forward to 1950 and if, like me, you suspect that the enormous subject of 20th century European design is a little too Western-centric, we have an excerpt from a wonderful new book that agrees with us. After reading this little taster you’ll no doubt want to enjoy the entire book. So, as ever, we are here to help. Designed in the USSR. 1950-1989 is now available to VE readers at a special discounted price. Turn to page 15 for details.

The long and prolific career of Alexander Calder is next. His vast output is the subject of a must-see exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in Somerset which runs from now until 9th September. We then move seamlessly from Fine Art to borderline kitsch. It’s not to everyone’s taste I know, but Louis Shabner aficionado Stuart Webb has a thorough knowledge of the artist/illustrator, coupled with a keen eye for his foxy ladies! That’s one of them above.


Now, do you remember the diverse ice buckets featured in the last issue of VE? Well, one of them in particular caught my attention and I wanted to know more about its designer, Gabriella Crespi. She had a long and hugely successful career which I thoroughly enjoyed researching for this issue.

Finally, with everything around me so sunny and bright I contrarily decided to change the mood to black! Ebonised furniture suited the Aesthetic Movement perfectly and is enjoying a new appreciation today. A look inside the bedroom of VE collective member Kieran Mathewson (pages 46 and 47) confirms this. Back track to page 35 where he once again quizzes four fellow dealers in ‘Trading Places’, our new regular feature.

Thank goodness we managed to fit it all in. Now I think it’s time for a long, tall, iced drink, but not here... There’s a pub I know where the tiny garden is a perfect sun trap.

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Woo Gilchrist