Karyn Sparks tracked down three highly skilled exponents of anthropomorphic works of art and sent them each the same 12 searching questions:

1. In a sentence, describe to our readers what it is that you create...
2. How did you first become interested in creating your anthropomorphic creatures?
3. What inspires a new creation?
4. Can we see inside your workspace?
5. What is it about using vintage and preloved materials that appeals to you most?
6. Which one, out of all your creations, has been your favourite and why?

7. What animals fascinate you the most in life, and why?
8. Do you ever find an object first, say from a fleamarket, and create a creature around it? Or does the creature always come first?
9. How do you sell your creations, and to what kinds of people?
10. What are you working on at the moment?
11. After lavishing so much work and putting so much love into these pieces, how do you let them go?
12. Can you give me one word that describes your usual state of mind?

Read what they said in Issue 42.

Woo Gilchrist