Issue 42 - What's In?

WOW, IT’S NEARLY winter, and with Halloween just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to outdoor events and parties...

We kick off this issue with a rather appropriate auction that could be a real game changer for all future Halloween parties... by scaring your guests to death with a lifesize statue of Pinhead from Hellraiser! Then our final article takes us outside to a full-on Gothic folly – I am so jealous. I thought I was being clever last New Year’s Eve when I bought a pile of cheap Christmas trees, grabbed some railway sleepers, a fire pit/come bbq, some furs and hung a lampshade from the tree, and threw an outdoor party... but what I’d give to have a permanent theatrical ruin in my garden all-year-round!

While on the topic of theatrical, we have the most amazing (sometimes disturbing) anthropomorphic creations on page 13, brought to you by three incredibly talented artists, all of whom have been inspired by their vintage finds from fleamarkets and fairs.

Recently somebody asked me: “How do you decide what goes in each issue – do you plans months ahead?” To which my response was: “It actually happens quite organically!” However, looking at some of the articles in this issue, it would seem there was quite a deliberate intention to go East, however I assure you, this was not the case – let me explain. Paul Stewart had recently visited the Russell Cotes Museum in Bournemouth and, in a follow-up to our Victorian inspired ebonised furniture in the last issue, wanted to write a piece on the last Victorian house to be built in the UK, and the lives of the owners who explored the world to furnish it.

Meanwhile, I wanted to look into a term I’d heard used quite a bit, ‘Modern Oriental’, and see if I could create a similar feel by just searching around our own warehouse. Then my husband pointed out that the pair of lamps I’d just grabbed for the photoshoot were “very James Mont”. This led to more research...It turns out he coined the phrase ‘Chinese Modern’ and was the designer to the Mafia... now I really was intrigued. Lucky for me, top-end 1stDibs dealer Todd Merrill is about to publish a second edition of his book Modern Americana, and helped me out with images.

Now, we also happen to have a 1970s Kawasaki in the warehouse, which everybody admires when they come in. As you know, VE is quite partial to a motorcycle, and seeing that seventies motorbikes have become increasingly popular in the last few years, that was a good starting point for an article. Then I tracked down a guy online who had a fantastic collection of Japanese motorbikes – job done! That very same guy just happened to ask if I also fancied running an article on a Gothic folly he’d built - “It’s very VE”, he added. Which brings me full circle.

So you can see how a theme can unintentionally develop – sometimes it just happens that way...