Issue 45 - What's in this issue?

Faversham Alter Bedroom (9).png

I can hardly believe it’s a year ago this issue, that Kieran Mathewson joined the VE Collective, and with him brought the antiques trade that little bit closer...

He’s asked some very searching questions, and dug deep into the lives of each dealer featured, to find out what they do, and why they do it? Trading Places has become an incredibly popular aspect of the magazine, and there are so many more entrepreneurs out there with a story to tell us. Kieran has certainly worked his antique- loving butt off for nothing more than his love for VE – and by now you’ll have figure out, that just about everyone involved in the trade does it because of the love, not the money!

Life can often be challenging, trying to juggle running a magazine and a design business at the same time; but to have the freedom of being your own boss is priceless... and as one of our dealers mentions in this issue: “it’s not really a job”!

As we go to press (on a Sunday I might add!), there’s a fresh spring breeze, and the sun is streaming through the windows, and it feels like summer is just around the corner. It’s on days like this that I’m reminded how nice it is to be able to get up early and head off with a mission in mind; to a fleamarket maybe, or a mooch around my local reclamation yard looking for inspiration – but that’ll have to wait until next weekend...

This issue has further helped cement this feeling as it has quite an outdoorsy feel to it. We look at Kitsch 1950s ceramics that depict images of barbecues, flowers and plants; we take a look at the virtues of living with salvage in our homes, and admire Willy Guhl’s outrageous Mid-century planters – which look as good indoors as they do out!

Next we show you the inside of a fabulous church conversion in Kent, which if you have a spare £825k, could be yours! Then we whisk you off to Holland to look at the extraordinarily rare furniture by Dutch designer and architect, Gerrit Rietveld. In Trading Places we meet a bunch of young men (and some of their mum’s), who have had a strong connection with the trade since childhood – so much so, that the calling just couldn’t be ignored!

Finally, we bring you a host of vintage events taking place up and down the country, starting this April. Whether your thing is going to the circus, shopping, dancing, learning a new skill, showing off your much- loved classic car, or watching vintage air displays – we have it all in our 12-page guide!

Woo Gilchrist