In Issue 47

When we first started buying items for our home, we found that there was so little interest in furniture from the 1930s, that we were able to kit out our the entire place on our very meagre budget. Of course, once we’d started to invest in ‘the look’, it quickly led to us seeking out all manner of period accessories at auctions and fairs to go with it; cocktail and smoking sets, Bakelite boxes, rugs, lighting... the list went on, and so did our buying!

Over a period of time the prices of the higher-end pieces had substantially increased, and by then our tastes had changed – we had become eclectic! We began mixing our favourite pieces of Art Deco (such as my wonderful zigzag mirror that I still have hanging on my wall), with our new found passion for Mid-century. We quickly realised that the quality pieces we’d bought, perfectly complemented the way we chose to decorate our home. The streamlined surfaces, vertical lines, and geometric patterns of the zigzags, chevrons, and starbursts, added to our eclectic mix of Antiques, Mid-century, Scandinavian Modern, 70s art and all manner of curiosities.

I continue to love the Deco style; and whilst fashions in home decor come and go, Art Deco certainly seems to have held its own, which is why it’s great to see this style re-emerging in so many people’s homes today. And the beauty is, it need not be expensive to achieve this look; it’s a little like the Antiques Roadshow’s ‘Basic, Better & Best’!

So, if you follow trends, you know that they tend to repeat themselves. As such, it’s not surprising that this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a re-emergence of Art Deco. The style enjoyed a revival in the 80s – which involved a lot of black marble and brass – then most recently we’ve seen the huge popularity of films such as The Great Gatsby or Murder on the Orient Express, which capture the vibrant spirit and the lush atmosphere of the time, no doubt further cementing its popularity.

Lastly, and interestingly, would you believe that there hasn’t, up until now, been an Art Deco Society in the UK? However Paul Stewart – a member of our VE Collective – along with four other co-founders, are launching the first Art Deco Society UK on 1st September, which once again shows that there is a real allure and passion for the period. VE are working with the Society and have a special subscription offer for all ADSUK members and we will be sharing content on each other’s sites and social media during their launch. So, if you too love a bit of Deco - watch this space!

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Woo Gilchrist