Issue 44 - What's in this issue?

I don’t know about you, but if feels like it’s been a hell of a slow start to 2019. Perhaps we weren’t feeling that optimistic about the coming year, in particular the next few months, and all the uncertainty that comes with living in the UK at the moment.

I know we’re concerned about how decisions will impact on our businesses as publishers and dealers, as the European marketplace has been very important to us over the years. We have established some great connections, and as you know, we do love to travel! There are a number of shows we’ll be attending over the next few months, from Brussels to Amsterdam, and hope it will all continue to be as effortless (and as much fun) as it’s been in previous years.

In the meantime, it’s business as usual and we hit 2019 with another great issue. You will read about yours truly in Trading Places... and despite what my interrogator Kieran says, I was actually quite apprehensive about taking part! He asked me a few things that we didn’t have room to include, but I would like to share them with you anyway!

“You were once described as a ‘Fearless Capricorn who loves a challenge’ where does this fighting spirit come from?”

That’s not strictly true. I’m scared of heights (and spiders). As for loving a challenge: that’s certainly been the case with my own business. I’ve muddled on through on nothing but pure determination and pig-headedness – any excuse not to get a ‘proper’ job! I’m quite logically minded and take a ‘can do’ approach to most things, especially when challenged.

“Apart from your collection of weird things, what else do you collect?”

I have quite a few vintage hats, coats and pieces of Scandinavian jewellery – it’s an ever-expanding collection!

“You mentioned you loved cooking – surely your love for vintage doesn’t reach as far as the kitchen?”

Oh yes it does! I use vintage Danish Copco cast iron dishes for cooking and meals are served on Midwinter Sienna and eaten using Alveston cutlery.

My point is, having been put in the position of answering some really searching questions, it made me stop and think – I really do live and breathe this trade. From the minute I wake in the morning to last thing at night I’m surrounded by antiques and design. I wake up to them, write about them, talk to people who are also interested in them. I photograph them, sit on them, eat from them, and when I get home, talk about them, and sleep with them (no, not the husband – I mean the Welsh blanket!). This trade is so embroiled in my life that there’s nothing else I could do – or would rather do!

Anyway, enough about me... I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Woo Gilchrist