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Issue 42 - What's In?

WOW, IT’S NEARLY winter, and with Halloween just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to outdoor events and parties...

We kick off this issue with a rather appropriate auction that could be a real game changer for all future Halloween parties... by scaring your guests to death with a lifesize statue of Pinhead from Hellraiser! Then our final article takes us outside to a full-on Gothic folly – I am so jealous. I thought I was being clever last New Year’s Eve when I bought a pile of cheap Christmas trees, grabbed some railway sleepers, a fire pit/come bbq, some furs and hung a lampshade from the tree, and threw an outdoor party... but what I’d give to have a permanent theatrical ruin in my garden all-year-round!

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Hornaskola Home!

Our last issue of VE took you inside the beautiful Christmassy home of Swedish couple Katrin and Bengt-Göran. They were so pleased with the results that they wanted to show us inside their previous home. And seeing as we love great architecture and design classics so much – how could we resist? So now we’d like to welcome you into their old school... 

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