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Issue 42 - What's In?

WOW, IT’S NEARLY winter, and with Halloween just around the corner, my thoughts are turning to outdoor events and parties...

We kick off this issue with a rather appropriate auction that could be a real game changer for all future Halloween parties... by scaring your guests to death with a lifesize statue of Pinhead from Hellraiser! Then our final article takes us outside to a full-on Gothic folly – I am so jealous. I thought I was being clever last New Year’s Eve when I bought a pile of cheap Christmas trees, grabbed some railway sleepers, a fire pit/come bbq, some furs and hung a lampshade from the tree, and threw an outdoor party... but what I’d give to have a permanent theatrical ruin in my garden all-year-round!

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V for Velocette

Despite what the French flourish of the name may imply, Velocette was a British manufacturer of motorcycles. Founded by an Englishman and a German called Johannes Gütgemann – who changed his name to John Taylor, and later John Goodman, after renouncing his German heritage! Together with his business partner William Gue, they set up Taylor, Gue Ltd in Birmingham in 1905, manufacturing rickshaws and providing cycle parts and services. One year later, they produced their first motorcycle, the 2hp Veloce; they liked the name so much they re-named the company after it.

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Miniature Modern

Whether scratch-built or mass produced for a period doll’s house, the charm of small-scale design can capture the imagination of us all...

The appeal of the tiny is obvious to me, (I may have mentioned this before!) so I wasn’t that surprised when I learned about the growing world of miniature modern design. And yes, there is a community of keen collectors!

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Hornaskola Home!

Our last issue of VE took you inside the beautiful Christmassy home of Swedish couple Katrin and Bengt-Göran. They were so pleased with the results that they wanted to show us inside their previous home. And seeing as we love great architecture and design classics so much – how could we resist? So now we’d like to welcome you into their old school... 

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