Van Ons


At VAN ONS you can find a great collection of high quality 20th century furniture and interior items from the 1950s until the 1970s. This collection, which is mainly focused on Dutch and Scandinavian design, is presented in a gallery in the city centre of Amsterdam, which is open to visitors every Wednesday and by appointment.

Founded by Rik and Ambra van Os in 2011, who have a love of architecture and designer furniture, and each piece they select to sell is treated with the utmost care.

Over the past seven years, Rik and Ambra have specialised in not only finding special pieces, but are dedicated to ensuring that all pieces retain a certain quality. They are always looking for the best ways to refinish or reupholster furniture whilst maintaining the personality and vintage character of the piece. VAN ONS is a small company run by two people where everything happens from their passion, which they love to share with people who appreciate quality furniture and gorgeous interiors.

Woo Gilchrist