Unreserved Stock Clearance Auction of 900 lots of Architectural Features

Wellers of Guildford are delighted to announce that they have been appointed as auctioneers to conduct this important stock clearance sale at Ben’s Tiles & Reclamation yard in Bristol. Ben has been collecting reclaimed building materials and architectural features since his school days but has now decided to focus solely on the reclaimed building materials side. Our instruction, which is our first sale of this type in 2018, is to sell off this large collection of bygones to make room available for his expanding reclaimed materials and demolition business. Significantly the sale will be unreserved and is a genuine clearance sale which will be of interest to the trade as well as members of the public looking for something quirky and different.

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BidonThis Blog - Charges for Credit Card Payments.

We’re taking Credit Card Payments for Auctions at no cost – how are you dealing with the legislation change?

On 13th January the law changed so business’ must charge the same to buyers via any payment method. This means that surcharges for debit and credit cards can no longer be taken – whether you are a shop, a hairdresser, a small online retailer, or Amazon! The problem is business’ still have to pay the banks a fee, and they can’t charge the customer for the privilege of using a card. So - if you go into your local shop without money and pay for a can of coke at 90p, the shopkeeper can no longer charge you 30p, despite being charged it by the banks.

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Woo Gilchrist