Issue 47 - August/September 2019

Issue 47 - August/September 2019


Right Place Wrong Time
The extraordinary foresight of visionary jewellery designer Jakob Bengel

Jazzing it Up
The bold lines of 1930s design can really bring glamour to a 21st-century eclectic home

Born Sculptor
Max Le Verrier’s eye for sculpting elegant Art Deco figurines and lamps depicting dancers and animals, was second to none

23 Studio De Benedetti
Carla De Benedetti was the first woman to break the so-called ‘glass ceiling’ in the photography world of architecture and interiors in the 1960s

Milanese Women
Series one: Carla Venosta, architect and designer. By Alessandro Morelli

Bohemian Bayou
Timber cladding, painted floors and corrugated steel, softened by patterns, texture and patina – this is the laid-back New Orleans look!


Auction Explorer
A look at the forthcoming sale of rare movie posters at Ewbank’s

Trading Places
Kieran Mathewson of River & Jones questions three fellow dealers to discover their take on the trade

Events August/September

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