On Track...

Sitting on Bitterne Park Triangle, just outside Southampton’s City Centre, is where you’ll find Track 21 Interiors, which opened in November 2018. Run by husband and wife Steve and Kerry Amies, the shop itself was a restoration project lovingly undertaken to reveal the building’s wonderful Victorian features – plus they have an original National cash register and a Victorian door-bell too.

After discovering the original Victorian moulded tin tile wall coverings and ebonised oak floorboards, they knew it was ‘meant to be’, and with the help of friends and family, their lovely shop has re-opened in its truest form, and is eminently suitable for a shop selling all manner of eclectic items.

The great thing is the shop isn’t restricted to any one period either, as Steve and Kerry love their industrial lighting, French tableware, Fairground paraphernalia and medical curios amongst other things!

If you’re looking for something in particular, Steve and Kerry offer a sourcing service too as well as prop hire – so go track them down soon!


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