Room to Think

After a childhood dream of designing interiors was stopped by peers: ‘’stick to numbers and words’’! Matthew Horsfield, owner of room, did in fact embark on a career to that effect, and it wasn’t until 8 years later whilst working for ‘Hollywood’ that he was inadvertently introduced to the link between dealers and designers. Re-imagining his dream, he made a decision and in autumn of 2018 room was launched.

Room has a gritty, minimal yet refined aesthetic, which is procured with a combination of the pieces themselves: the composition within shot, the lighting and simple product descriptions. Having studied photography, working closely on film sets and their teams for some years, Matthew has developed a love for image as well as an understanding of¬ its capabilities. As part of this he has partnered with local, contemporary artists to shoot their works alongside his own stock to give room a contemporary touch.

In addition to this, the categorisation on his website is by room, as opposed to by product, which is really the heart of his concept. The idea being that the viewer will be able to relate and envisage pieces together, and Matthew strives to trigger a path of imagination that encourages you to think of your own rooms and his pieces within them. With this fresh approach to pieces as well as their display, room will resonate with buyers of all types and budgets.

Woo Gilchrist