Black Rook Interiors

These two happy-looking chaps are Steve Couzens - the Owner of Black Rook Interiors –and his son Holand, who has recently joined the business. Steve’s more than happy that Holand is taking charge of the online side of the business, which gives Steve more time to do what he loves best – buying and restoring!

He recalls how it all got started: “About 5 years ago I purchased a 19th century barn in Lincolnshire, which I set about restoring... this was when I first realised I’d found my passion in life! I had always had an interest in unusual old items as they hold so many stories, and throughout the barn renovation (which was to become my family home), I collecting a few unusual pieces. Unfortunately, my wife wouldn’t let me put them in the house - that’s how Black Rook Interiors started - so I really have her to thank.

Today we have a great barn space filled with carefully-considered and well laid out stock. We specialise in original, one-off and eclectic items, including antique, industrial, vintage, and decorative items. And by travelling the lengths and breadths of the UK, we keep our showroom at 90% capacity at all times, so our range is always fresh and ever-changing for our visitors.”

Woo Gilchrist