Mosey on to MoseyHome...

MoseyHome offers an eclectic mix of vintage, mid-century and new design pieces for your home. They always have new inspirations and ideas for mixing old and new in your interior styling often adding a touch of the new to vintage pieces.  MoseyHome designs pieces for 21st century tastes, just take a look at this one off pink chair or re-tiled side table.

Pink Lounge Chair
Tiled sidetable 1.jpg
Teal recliner chair 2.jpg

Always looking at ways to inspire customers, MoseyHome also offer Interior Design Workshops. The one coming up on 24 May will be led by the talented and insightful interior designer Jade Maria who will be at MoseyHome fresh from Grand Designs Live. Join her and MoseyHome for an evening sharing ideas and projects to get you feeling more confident with your style. Don’t miss their special ticket offer plus goodie bags!.

MoseyHome also offers style consultancy and sourcing services. They love to talk about the carefully sourced pieces in the shop, the history, the story and the design. So pay them a visit online or at their shop in Finsbury Park, where they enjoy nothing better than a chat a about interiors!

Instagram: @moseyhome