Post War Perfection

Form & Function specialise in stocking the important early furniture of the iconic British designers Robin Day and Ernest Race, who both came to prominence after the war when restrictions were lifted on the Utility Furniture Scheme in 1949.

The Festival of Britain, at the newly built Royal Festival Hall, showcased our pre-eminent artists, designers and architects and the modern designs of both Race and Day for the restaurants, foyers and terraces really caught the public’s eye and had a huge in uence on designers and home makers at the time and indeed since.

Whereas Day’s furniture had striking form, Race’s was more idiosyncratic, making use of post war aluminium and steel surplus to compensate for the acute timber shortage in order to make some of the rst ‘engineered’ furniture. His best selling designs proved that necessity really was the mother of invention!


Original pieces from this era have become increasingly rare and Form & Function restore to the very highest standard including re-upholstering chairs in the beautiful hand woven Mourne textiles originally designed by the great modernist weaver Gerd Hay-Edie, whose fabrics Day originally used and are still produced today. These seminal pieces still turn heads as well as being great investments, and look fantastic in any setting.

Woo Gilchrist