Postcards from Times Past

The next Carmarthen Antiques and Flea Market is being held on Sunday 15th April and as the biggest event of its kind in South Wales, there’s lots to choose from with anything up to 200 stands of ceramics, Welsh furniture, vintage clothing and jewellery, collectable toys and more.


Organisers Robert and Carol Pugh of Towy Events have a particularly interesting set of postcards they recently acquired available for sale. Dating from WW1 and sent to the Thomas family of Spilman Street, Carmarthen, the postcards come mostly from France and Egypt and date from around 1916. However, they would prefer to gift the collection to descendants of the family, if they can be found. Postcards are extremely collectable and ones such as these provide a valuable social history of the time, and helped to keep people in touch with their loved ones at a time of strife and uncertainty. So if you, or someone you know, could be related to the Thomas’ of Spilman Street then get along to the fair and see a slice of your family history.