Supporting Shows in Europe

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In the past couple of years we have  supported Design Icons, Amsterdam, Brussels Design Market, Design Börse Berlin, Design Classics Dusseldorf, DesignMarkt Ghent, Parma Vintage, Prague Vintage Fair, Flash Festival Brussels and the Dutch National Art Deco Fair.

We work closely with organisers to help promote them to a UK audience, and as we also supply magazines to the shows (and attend wherever possible). The shows are also publicised to attendees in Europe too. We feature interesting European collections and stories.  In Issue 13 we featured the Designpanotikum in Berlin,  in Issue 15 the fabulous creations of Frank Buchwald and we cover design from the well known and collectable designers such as Friso Kramer, Figgjo Flint, Rowac, Bauhaus, Poulsen, Polish Film Posters, Dutch furniture design and much, much more. We have a large number of subscribers  from Europe and Scandinavia as well as further afield, as well as in the UK.

Read about Design Icons Amsterdam here.

Read about Brussels Design Market here.

To find out more information about the shows that we support, or have supported in the past, or if you organise a European show or event and are interested in working with us then please get in touch here. 

If you have a vintage business in Europe and would like to be a part of our next issue then contact us here.