The VE Blog

One of the many good things about VE is that it is written and produced by people who actually live and breathe it, as we’re all collectors, dealers and enthusiasts. We will be bringing you tales of our trips and anything else we find interesting in our new blog - coming soon!

We've been on Twitter and Facebook for a while now, as well as Pinterest, but our personal favourite is probably Instagram. We love the fact that the image does all the talking. No need for too many words, and it’s also a great way of sharing other people’s fabulous finds. Our followers have increased hugely and are continuing to grow daily!

As a team, we post different things that each of us like, as well as bits and pieces relating to the magazine. It ranges from the weird and wonderful (Bodyworlds in Amsterdam and the Berlin Design Panoptikum spring to mind), to good design, gardens, architecture, our trips both here in the UK and Europe as well as the occasional food pic!

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