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When I first started chatting to Karyn, owner and editor of VE, I wanted to let her know how much I liked the re-branding of the magazine. It has a really ‘cool’ edge to it that appeals to a younger audience. I knew I wanted to get involved with the magazine in some way and offered my services as a ‘writer’ if the opportunity ever came up. Blinded by my charm and enthusiasm, Karyn contacted me a few months later with the idea of a ‘Dealer to Dealer’ interview, giving a short but interesting insight into the lives of other dealers, who are as diverse and current as the magazine itself. After talking it over and bouncing ideas back and forth, perhaps in my case, even pushing my opinions a little too far. I was convinced I’d put my foot in it and lost the gig. However Karyn surprised me, not only by agreeing with my thoughts and concerns, but also by suggesting that ‘Trading Places’ be a regular addition to VE and not just a one-off! I jumped at the opportunity!

The antiques business is changing, passing down to a new generation of vibrant, energetic young dealers who’s approach to the trade is a little bit different. VE is a part of this change and ts right in with the ‘New Blood’ and their way of dealing.

However there’s still a lot to learn from those who’ve been in the trade for a long time, experience and knowledge that the young dealers of today would benefit from tapping into. Trading Places brings together both the enthusiasm of ‘New Blood’ and the knowledge of ‘Old Stock’ to reveal just how diverse the antiques business really is today!


In this issue I’ll be talking to one of the most successful dealers in the world, go to guy to the stars, Ray Azoulay. He tells me about his passion for antiques, art, fashion and food, making it clear that Obsolete, his showroom based in Los Angeles, gives him the chance to surround himself with ‘cool people’ and ‘cool things’, and could never be considered work!

Then we chat with James Gooch from Doe & Hope, who uses his background in film to present his stock in a unique, theatrical way. He tells us how he had to talk his way out of hot water, when trying to explain what a Vampire slaying kit was to US Customs!

Matthew Wise from Cubbit Antiques, reveals his blood ties to the famous bare-knuckle boxer Tom Sayer, and I find out if there’s someone out there he’d like to practice his right hook on!

Finally we learn a thing or two from Andrew Seccombe who lets us into the world of ‘Mr Blighty’. We chat about his time in India, his love for the business, and how his four year old daughter took a blue Biro pen to an original Howard & Son’s armchair!

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