Hard to believe but it was this time last year that I started writing for VE. It has been such a privilege having the opportunity to talk to and get to know so many fantastic dealers, who all have great stories to tell. Although the dealers featured have all developed their own unique ‘look’ and have their own directions, there are a few things that echo from issue to issue, from dealer to dealer. Being an antiques dealer isn’t a choice, not a conscious one anyway. It’s a passion, a calling that couldn’t be ignored, just something that felt right... I often hear: “It’s not a job”. What makes being an antiques dealer special is their motive, their reason for doing what they do.

It’s a feeling, often first felt as a child growing up around ‘beautiful things’, followed by a realisation that the feeling doesn’t have to go away, it can become a way of life, one that offers excitement and most importantly, freedom. It’s rarely about money, but about that ‘feeling’ – it’s a high that dealers continue to chase.

IN THIS ISSUE: Toby Lorford tells us how selling boring brown furniture and vintage junk led to the creative force Lorfords is today, and how after a glass or two of wine, he decided to take the plunge with the RAF hangars. Matthew Cox shares his grand-father’s passion for antiques, but takes his own aesthetic approach into the 21st century with great photography and a healthy addiction to Instagram.
Joe Chaffer talks about his eccentric upbringing and his decision to give up a successful career to become a ‘Vagabond’, using his last pay cheque to buy a transit van, his dog Buster, and begin the search for exciting new possibilities. Finally, we meet mother and son combo, Martyn Fowler and Jackie Harris, who open the doors to Puckharber’s new Rye shop, literally as we go to press; and find out how a surprise visit could have been their opportunity to bag a Royal Warrant!

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issue 44 - February / March 2019

Issue 43 - December / January 2019


Writing for VE has been a real privilege. I am fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose the dealers that I’d like to interview, and can say, or ask whatever I like, with no restrictions or editing. This carte blanche can go either way when talking to some of the trades biggest personalities, and after easing my way into this writing gig over the past few issues, I thought it would be a good time to chat to the trade’s most controversial dealer. Drew Pritchard is a man whose name echoes through antiques shops, fairs and living rooms all over the world. Everyone in the trade knows of him, and all seem to have formed their own opinions – some dealers are utterly inspired by his achievements, others find him obnoxious! Having never spoken to Drew before, I wanted the opportunity to form my own opinion, one based on my own experience and gut instinct rather than what I’d heard on the grapevine. Read more…



ISSUE 39 - APRIL / MAY 2018