I'm back, which suggests the first attempt wasn’t too disastrous. In fact I have had a really good response to Trading Places, and it seems to fit in naturally with VE and its audience. You may have also noticed the slight image change, which much to the surprise and disgrace of my eldest son, is completely natural; no doubt the result of raising four energetic children on an antique dealers salary! I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for their kind words, and I look forward to knocking on the doors of many more dealers over the coming months, perhaps years, if Karyn continues to put up with my ‘Down to the wire’ deadline submissions.

The antiques business is changing, passing down to a new generation of vibrant, energetic young dealers who’s approach to the trade is a little bit different. VE is a part of this change and fits right in with the ‘New Blood’ and their way of dealing. However there’s still a lot to learn from those who’ve been in the trade for a long time, experience and knowledge that the young dealers of today would benefit from tapping into. Trading Places brings together both the enthusiasm of ‘New Blood’ and the knowledge of ‘Old Stock’ to reveal just how diverse the antiques business really is today!

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I find myself repenting my sins, when talking to Alex MacArthur, who shares her thoughts about the Monastery that she saved from dereliction, and talks about how what she does is her art and way of expressing herself in the world.

James Broad tells me how his young age doesn’t detract from his eye for design, and admits that competing against more experienced dealers in auction is what puts fire in his belly.

Benjamin Smith from The School for Scandal, tells me how his past career as a full time gambler helps him take risks when buying antiques, and the best place for a first date is rescuing antique books from a skip!

Finally, the coolest couple in the business, Lauren and Adam Cooling, share their love for fashion and explain how frivolously buying an ill-fitting pair of jeans cannot be comparable to buying a really bad chair!