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I had to talk to you guys, another young couple taking on the world together, one rusty lamp shade at a time! Cooling & Cooling... but who’s cooler?!

 Hard question... but without being modest, I honestly have to say Adam, however his history of dodgy haircuts does pull his credentials down somewhat! Adam is incredibly creative, he has an ingenious and artistic way of thinking and working, which makes him naturally much cooler than me! He’s not afraid to push boundaries and experiment, stepping away from the conventional!

You guys met in London, working in the fashion industry. Do you think your background in fashion has influenced your eye for antiques or the way you work?

I think it has definitely defined our style yes. When we first decided to started Cooling & Cooling, we wanted to modify people’s perception of ‘antiques’ as such; even the word ‘antique’ itself has such a stereotypical image attached to it, we wanted to move away from that old man in a dusty old shop, selling really old furniture! Our style is not predictable; however, we are not about the weird and wonderful either. We aim to reinvent things, to restore items to make them blend into modern day interiors, so they don’t have to fit a certain style or trend. I guess following fashion and working in the industry for so many years, you realise that the way you dress is not only being aware of trends but also a form or expression and emotion. I can definitely say that the pieces we buy are most certainly an extension of this. Although, frivolously buying an ill-fitting pair of jeans cannot be comparable to buying a really bad chair or table, right?

Lauren, Adam is definitely a well-presented chap. Has he been your most challenging restoration project so far?

Ha ha! Do you know what, it’s true what they say, men do age like fine wine – well mine does anyway! He hasn’t been restored as of yet, he’s still in full working order!


Do you have separate roles in the business?

Naturally we have slipped into our ‘roles’ I guess, yes. Adam has always done the buying, I do trust his eye implicitly, despite the odd few challenges here and there. But as I said, he generally proves me wrong! I dabbled a bit with the photography when we initially launched, but it soon became apparent that Adam’s aptitude for product also lends itself to being behind the camera, his photos have great creative styling. So from that point onwards, I have always looked after the front end of things, from uploading and maintaining the website, alongside sales enquiries and marketing.

Your answers suggest you’re actually quite fond of your husband! How do you find working together? Do you ever clash or disagree about anything when it comes to the business?

We have worked together previously, so we had a good idea of what it would be like. However this time around it is a little more challenging if we’re honest, but all for the right reasons. We both have the same end goal and we are so in tune with the strategy and direction of the business, but sometimes it’s so easy to get lost or wrapped up in the finer details. What I will say though, is that we both want to grow and nurture our business. Ultimately, we both have the best interests of the business at heart. We play off each other’s strengths and weakness. I am very good at keeping the reigns on Adam when I need to, he creatively leads the business and would go stock mad if he could! In turn, he is very good at maintaining the momentum and driving things forward. He loves to prove me wrong when we sell an item which I might have initially disagreed on! But you know what, we’re a team, yes we’re married, but it works!


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