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Do you come from an antique loving family? How did you get started?

My mum is the only other member of my family who loves antiques... mum used to have an antiques shop and I loved styling the displays, especially the large shop window.

I started by putting some items into the shop that I’d bought myself and then I went on to having units in antiques centres, now I have a room in a shared antiques shop, 55 Mill Street, Ludlow, Shropshire. I also sell at fairs across the country.

You seem to be drawn to light pieces, with a faded charm. Have you always loved the simplicity of white and neutral colours?

A white/neutral colour palette is definitely my favourite and always has been, but I sometimes add some black to the mix.

Would you say you were a young ‘old school’ dealer, that prefers face to face dealing at fairs, rather than having a website?
Selling at fairs is great, meeting up with fellow dealers, there’s a great atmosphere.

I love talking to the dealers and members of the public that buy my items and I’ve made lots of contacts that way. Styling my items is what I enjoy the most and for that reason I use Instagram which is a great platform to reach a larger market.

Is this what you do full time?

Yes, I’m a full time dealer... I’ve never had another job; dealing is all I’ve ever done.

Do you prefer working alone?

I sell alone out of my van, mainly at markets or occasionally alongside my mum. On buying trips mum and I may go together, although I now have the confidence to go alone... providing I have my travel companion with me!

Doing fairs regularly, do you sleep in the van like many dealers do, or prefer to hunt down a hotel no matter how late it is?

I always sleep in my van when on the road or at fairs and I always have my little dog with me!

Which are your favourite fairs for buying and selling?

For selling, my favourite fairs are Shepton Flea and Ardingly Antiques Fair. For buying, I must say my favourite place is France, especially the small village markets throughout the summer months.

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