Anton and Karen Cull - Anton & K Decorative Living


You have an eye for rather large European furniture, often still bearing traces of their original paint, which isn’t always easy to source? Do you have to travel a lot?

We only buy things we would want to put in our own home and luckily we both have very similar taste, we only try to buy things that have a certain patina, things with soul and a history behind them. Since we closed the shop and are now only online, we travel a lot more.

Why did you decide to close the shop and how has it changed the way you run the business?

After two shops and a barn showroom, we decided to go online only. We have a warehouse, and clients are welcome to visit by appointment. We were finding that most of our clients were either overseas, decorators or privates who didn’t want to view the pieces, so most of our days were spent dealing with online enquiries. We now mainly concentrate on substantial furniture, rather than having to buy accessories and smaller items to dress the window with, so our buying has changed a lot.

How do the antiques vary from one European county to another, and which country would you say was your favourite in terms of what they produced?

We seem to be attracted to very large oversized pieces! Anything from large Belgian banks of drawers to grand French Dining tables, often having to use fork lift trucks to unload and vowing never to buy an oversized piece again, but we always do. We deal a lot in Swedish furniture again trying to source authentic pieces.

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