Chloe and Karen Rymer - Molly and Maud's Place.


Molly and Maud are the names of your sheep, aren’t they? How did you decide to use them to name the business?

Yes. We’re not very serious people and wanted the name to reflect that, which is how we came to name the business after our pet sheep ‘Molly and Maud’. When we started, we purchased a little wooden building and put it in an orchard behind the house, which before this, was home to Molly and Maud.

How did Molly and Maud feel about being evicted from their plot?

Ha! The grass is always greener and all that!

When did you start, and what made you decide to work together in the first place?

2013 – It was quite an impulsive decision. Chloe had been travelling, working abroad and in Wales for five years. Once she returned home to York she bought and sold a couple of items and did well. The idea of progressing this into it a full time business evolved from there. I had an interior design background from years back, so it felt like a natural step to do this together. It has been a very steep, but enjoyable, learning curve

How steep has the learning curve been? Do any particular mishaps spring to mind?

Exceedingly steep, we are definitely still learning and making mistakes regularly. In the early days, we used to set rules for ourselves then very shortly after we’d break them. Now we never make rules, they are pointless. Our list of mistakes is never ending, both of us have a tendency to be slightly scatty which can lead to hotel rooms being booked for the wrong week, lost van keys in Somerset and setting off to do deliveries only to remember at Leicester services that the items are still in our Yorkshire showroom. Unfortunately, these incidents are not isolated!

Is there any mother and daughter rivalry?

Of course. We are both competitive but do enjoy the game. We both have the same end goal to have a successful but enjoyable business sourcing beautiful items

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Woo Gilchrist