Edward and Cassandra Nicholas - Dig Haushizzle

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The shop was fantastic, such a cool place to hang out, tell me about some of your favourite memories there.
Having the shop really enabled us to get a foothold in the industry. Having people come into the shop and understand what we were trying to do with the space was really great and a good confidence booster. Looking back I really enjoyed the evenings. Cassie and I would lock the door and work on moving the shop around until the early hours. We would turn the music up and have a few drinks and just have fun with it. From time to time we would hire the space out for filming and photoshoots and that was always nice to see other creative people work in a space that you’d created!

Edd I can’t believe that you opened the pop-up shop only seven years ago! Do you remember the feeling you had opening the doors on the first day, and diving into the world of antiques for the first time?
I think the main feeling I had was one of excitement. We felt like we had gathered together a good amount of stock that was of a high quality. There was also a little apprehension, we were in the middle of the biggest shopping centre in Bristol and I wasn’t sure what the general public would think about some of our pieces. Seven years ago some antique items weren’t as widely used in homes or commercial environments as they are now so there were a few strange looks by some people.

I also remember feeling totally exhausted by the end of it, Cassie and I both had other jobs and we had to open the shop seven days a week for the six weeks we agreed to do this, having no idea how we were going to make it all work. We booked a few days holiday and somehow managed to go back and forth and do our other jobs. This obviously left us with no time to buy stock but we didn’t really expect to sell almost everything we had accumulated in the last year in that time.

After a successful six weeks, did you know straight away that you wanted to open your own shop? Yeah I think we did, we had pretty much sold out of all stock, so that was the right time to push on, find new stock and find permanent premises to work from.


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