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As a ‘Purveyor of Finery and Curiosities’ how would you describe your business and what you do?
Finery, oddities and curiosities, it’s what we are all about. There is simply nothing like us in the region. We are avid collectors ourselves with our homes both in the UK and Ibiza often being described as “The Vatican Gift Shop”. We don’t mind the similarities, as it’s always said with a wry smile and an element of envy – “Wish I had that...” The chances are that you can have that as we source exclusively from trusted dealers worldwide who have built their reputation on knowledge and having a ‘good eye’.

First and foremost, we buy what we like with a sense of ‘if it all fails, at least our houses will look fantastic!’ We have fun every single day and thoroughly enjoy the interaction with our clients. Importantly it’s a service we provide for those who maybe need that little nudge toward something different. Something they haven’t seen before or just thought items that we have gathered are not available. Providing an exemplary customer service experience is what we live by and we are pretty sure we hit that mark every time.

Why do you think clients sometimes need a little nudge, do you think being unique sometimes pushes people out of their comfort zones?
I think we are all the same, sometimes we can’t visualise what we see in our own space so setting the scene and providing the story is key to the process. An additional perspective is always a benefit. Virtually everything we sell has a story! I am the resident story teller. We have not had a single item returned to us, I guess that means the vision we create ultimately matches the expectation – 11 homes in 12 years means we know how to dress a property.

Having a place in Ibiza must be great fun, are both homes styled differently, or do they have a similar look?
Ibiza is beautiful. No we are not clubbers! Those days passed us by many moons ago although the memories are forever there. Both homes the same? Not quite, but there is a theme running within both. Plenty of reliquary. We are not truly religious people but with Spain being a catholic nation on the whole, something just feels right about it. It’s beautiful in its own right and we do sell so much of it in the UK. Many dealers always have a section, large or small. Quality sells after all. Read more in Issue 47.

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