Marcus Crane and Gareth McCully - McCully & Crane

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Firstly tell me a little bit about your background, what did you do before McCully and Crane and what makes you such a creative force together in this business?
I had previously been a florist, mostly at Wild at Heart for many years before moving to Rye. Working particularly on the events and high end private and retail client side. Before that I’d fallen into styling for TV ads and pop videos through friends in the 90s.

Most things I’ve done have been about putting things together to create something, whether its clothes, flowers, table or room settings, magazine shoots etc. I’m the driving force in the business, with Gareth playing a supportive role. We’ll look at new artists together or go on buying trips together, but he works full time in London as a visual merchandiser, so I’m the one dressing the shop, displaying the art, and running the interior design side etc.

Why did you decide to escape to the country, after living in London?
We’d both lived in London since the early 90s, mostly in the east, and we’d had a pretty good time, but priorities were shifting. We began adopting rescue dogs and enjoying weekends away in the country, so it was a natural progression really.

Adopting rescue dogs is admirable, but it must be time consuming. How do you find the time and patience juggling that with your business life? I’ve honed my business life to suit how I want to live rather than the other way round! That’s very important. The dogs are a big part of our lives but we have an amazing dog walker who looks after their walks Monday to Friday, which frees us up. She is really a major part of our family life/work balance. We’re passionate about dog rescue and have fostered many over the years.

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