There is something really homely about this time of year, that makes us want to cosy up next to a cracking log fire and appreciate the warmth and comfort of home. Christmas is all about enjoying and spending time with family, but no matter what your cultural background or religious beliefs may be, the frosty mornings and winter breeze is enough to beckon anyone inside to spend time with the people who matter most. The dealers I’ve chosen to speak to in this issue, all do ‘homely’ exceedingly well, and by flicking through these pages whilst enjoying a glass of mulled wine, you’ll be hard pressed to not be tempted into buying something for your home!

In this issue

I scrape back the layers with Peter Whipps from Arabesque, who tells us how being honest and reliable is the best way to maintain a good reputation, and how his car boot and charity shop beginnings have lead him to sourcing grand country house pieces for stately homes.

Karen and Chloe from Molly and Maud’s Place, give us an insight into their mother and daughter rivalry, but also show us that the grass is always greener if we don’t take ourselves too seriously, by sharing some of their dealing disasters!

Anthony and Karen from Anton & K talk about how their move from a shop to being entirely online based, has given them the opportunity to spend more time buying and travelling, and after vowing never to buy oversized pieces again, they now find themselves buying more substantial pieces than ever!

Finally, we hit the road with Amy Jones from Brocante Living, who at the age of 23 already has firm ‘Old School’ dealing principles, preferring dealing face to face at fairs, and spending nights in the van, rather than being tucked up in a hotel room with a website!


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Writing for VE has been a real privilege. I am fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose the dealers that I’d like to interview, and can say, or ask whatever I like, with no restrictions or editing. This carte blanche can go either way when talking to some of the trades biggest personalities, and after easing my way into this writing gig over the past few issues, I thought it would be a good time to chat to the trade’s most controversial dealer. Drew Pritchard is a man whose name echoes through antiques shops, fairs and living rooms all over the world. Everyone in the trade knows of him, and all seem to have formed their own opinions – some dealers are utterly inspired by his achievements, others find him obnoxious! Having never spoken to Drew before, I wanted the opportunity to form my own opinion, one based on my own experience and gut instinct rather than what I’d heard on the grapevine. Read more…



ISSUE 39 - APRIL / MAY 2018