The Wonderful Christmas Cards of Ralph Hulett


Ralph Hulett (1915-1974) was an American artist mostly known for his work for Disney, but he also did some fantastic paintings and some wonderful Christmas designs, which we are in love with here at VE! Hulett worked first on Snow White and then went on to  paint the watercolour backgrounds on films including Pinocchio, 101 Dalmations, Lady and the Tramp, and many others. From 1949 to the time of his death in 1974, Hulett also also painted Christmas card designs for the California Artists Greeting Card Company and the Designers' Showcase Company some of which are shown here. The bright colours and clean lines are just wonderful.

He then did commercial work for Swiss-Air, Capital Records and KNBC. During the 1960s, he also received acclaim for the animated films he produced. Hulett was also the author of an art instruction book for the Walter Foster Company. His paintings are beautiful, and can be bought (mostly in the USA) for maybe less than you might think. These pictures of Venice particularly caught our eye.

It's definitely worth further investigation if you like what you see.  In the meantime we will just leave you with a few images to tingle your tastebuds and say 'Very Happy Christmas' from all at VE.

Woo Gilchrist