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Stroke Me, Touch Me, Feel Me...

As well as the wonderful furniture and jewellery that we feature, there are also lots of great designs in vintage fabrics and I'm one member of the VE team that knows all about this, having being a fabric addict since I was a small girl. Let me tell you why I love fabric so much...

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Masters of Tinplate

When do you think tinplate toys began? In the 1920s, perhaps the 1930s? Try the 1880s. I was surprised too. Toys up till then had been mostly made the way Geppetto made Pinocchio, by hand carving wood; so cheap toys were often simplistic and crude. Even when metal was used, as in lead toy soldiers, the decorating process made manufacturing extremely labour-intensive. And even after tin toys first appeared, they too were painstakingly hand-painted, pushing up prices.

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My Moonbase Alpha

Live your dreams, they say, and Catherine Bujold is certainly living hers. Welcome to the future! When it comes to design, some sci-fi fans draw the line at a Tardis moneybox and Star Trek pyjamas. But not Catherine Bujold. French- Canadian Catherine has transformed her home into her own Moonbase Alpha in hommage to classic 1970s TV show Space: 1999. And it’s not geeky in the slightest – it’s fabulous!

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